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Anonymous: velhoo, eu necessito dos videos da britney sjaiosja, sério D:, vc n tem uma copia deles? Eu só achei um torrent, só q vai demorar anos pq n tem seeders .-.

manda ask sem ser anonimo, vou tentar te ajudar :)

okay this is why i’m leaving

feel free to leave something in my askbox

FIRST OF ALL all my edits, posts, psds etc will always be here, i’m not stupid i won’t delete the blog (if someday i come back or if i just wanna save some edit from my blog for my own use)

not that i don’t like tumblr but

it was great to be here and everything but it got boring and only few people used to come and talk to me etc and it’s just boring now most ppl only come to ask me for stuff and it’s not funny anymore

i was using it only to post edits but the last 6 weeks my pc was broken so i wasn’t able to be here

and this year is one of my last years at school and i wanna be useful and decent at studying and everything so i really need to dedicate

but idk if it’s forever i may come back but idk

and i will miss a few people which i really like here and you know who you are

and if you still wanna talk to me you can kik or skype me

well that’s it for now ~